Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

Reception rector:

(06153) 36244


4, Schmidta St., Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia  oblast

Educational work

Teaching Disciplines by the Staff of the Department of Social Work and Inclusive Education

  • Actual Problems of Social Work and Social Pedagogy;
  • Animation Activity of a Social Worker;
  • Formation of Interethnic Culture Relations among Student Youth;
  • Introduction to Speciality;
  • Public Associations and Movements;
  • Inclusive Education;
  • Inclusive Educational Environment;
  • Coaching in Social and Pedagogical Work;
  • Management of Social Services of the Population;
  • Management and Ethics of Social Work;
  • Methodology of Volunteer Movement Organization;
  • Scientific Research Methodology;
  • International Cooperation in the Field of Social Work;
  • Organization of State and Specialized Services;
  • Organization and Method of Conducting Training in Social Work;
  • Organization Work with the Different Social Groups;
  • Education Science;
  • Basics of Inclusive Education;
  • Basic Vocational Guidance Work;
  • Pedagogy;
  • Pedagogy of Family Upbringing and Social Support of Family;
  • Legal Basis of Social Work;
  • Professional Education in the Conditions of Inclusion;
  • Advertising and Information Technologies in Social Work;
  • Social Security Services;
  • Social Pedagogy;
  • Social Policy;
  • Social Work in Penitentiary Institutions;
  • Social Work in a Polycultural Community;
  • Social Work in the Education System;
  • Social Work with Family;
  • Palliative Care Social Work;
  • Social Supervision and Facilitation;
  • Social and Demographic Statistics and Monitoring;
  • Social and Pedagogical Work in the Field of Leisure and the Basis of Screenwriting Work of a Social Pedagogoue;
  • Social and Pedagogical with Creative Informal Associations;
  • Special Services in the Social Sphere;
  • Theory and History of Social Upbringing;
  • Theory and History of Social Work;
  • Technology of Social Work According to the Residence;
  • Technologies of Social Work;
  • Technologies of Social and Pedagogical Work in Ukraine and Foreign Countries;
  • Technologies and Innovations in Social Work;
  • Personnel Management of Social Institutions;
  • Fundraising in Social Work;
  • Formation of a Healthy Lifestyle;
  • Formation of Socially Active Position of Student Youth.

Educational Work

The Department regularly conducts regional scientific, methodical and practical seminars for social-workers practicians of Berdyansk city and Berdyansk region, in particular:

“Pedagogical Skills for the Young Teachers” (2014);

“Case Study and Assessment of the Child and the Family Needs” (2015);

“Methods of Social Work in a Heterogeneous Environment of Higher Education Institutions” (2016);

“Workshop of Educational Managers Training” (2016);

“Inclusion or the Exclusion of Positive People” (2017);

As a result of workshops, a set of methodological developments “Actual Problems of Social and Pedagogical Work in the Education System” was prepared.

Students’ Scientific Circles of the Department:

“Socialization of Children and Young People in the Context of Modern Socio-cultural Space” (supervisor – Assistant Professor N. M. Zakharova);

“Native Land” (leader – Professor O. I. Gurenko);

Volunteer Detachment “Palette of Good” (supervisors – Associate Professors K. V. Petrovska, A. O. Turgeneva, I. G. Sizonenko).