Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

Reception rector:

(06153) 36244


4, Schmidta St., Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia  oblast

Research work

Since 2017, the teachers of the department are working on a comprehensive scientific research theme “Improving the quality of professional training for future specialists in primary education”, in which the following problems are investigated:

  1. Theoretical and Methodological Principles of Master”s Programm (Prof. L. Koval);
  2. System of improvement of the quality of natural training of future specialists in primary education in the conditions of sustainable development of society  (Prof. A. Kramarenko);
  3. Theoretical and methodical principles of formation of technological and design skills of masters of primary education in conditions of improving the quality of education (Assistant Professor K. Stepanjuk);
  4. Improving the quality of the process of preparing future teachers of elementary school for the implementation of continuous language education of students (Assistant Professor L. Chemonina);
  5. Organizational-methodical principles of linguodidactic training of future teachers of elementary school in conditions of improving the quality of education (Assistant Professor                     L. Popova);
  6. Improving the quality of artistic-oriented training of a future specialist of primary school (Assistant Professor O. Malytska);
  7. Improving the quality of applying contextual learning technology in the process of preparing masters of primary education (T. Nikonenko, Senior lecturer).
  8. Pedagogical modalities of the preparation of imitation technologies in the professional training of future teachers of elementary school (G. Udovichenko, Senior lecturer).