Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

Reception rector:

(06153) 36244


4, Schmidta St., Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia  oblast

Educational work

  • Pedagogy (General Pedagogy, the History of Pedagogy),
  • The Use of Modern Information Technologies (Information Systems, Formation of Multimedia Competence),
  • Methods of Teaching History,
  • Higher Education and Bologna Process,
  • Analysis of Educational Policy,
  • Innovative Technologies in Education,
  • Teaching Practice at School,
  • Practice in Children’s Health-improving Camps,
  • On-the-job Teaching Practice at School,
  • Scientific and Work Practice,
  • Management in Education,
  • Organization and Management of a Teaching and Educational Process,
  • Pedagogy of Higher School,
  • Rhetoric and Pedagogical Mastery of the Head of an Educational Institution,
  • Methodology and Methods of Scientific and Pedagogical Research,
  • Fundamentals of Management,
  • Management of an Educational Institution,
  • Marketing at the Market of Educational Services,
  • Management of Personnel of an Educational Institution,
  • Psychology and Ethics of Business Communication,
  • Methods of History Teaching at Higher School,
  • Introduction to Speciality,
  • Fundamentals of Pedagogical Mastery,
  • Methods of Educational Work (at Summer Health-improving Camps),
  • The School Course of History of Ukraine and Methods of its Teaching,
  • The School Course of World History and Methods of its Teaching,
  • Legal and Educational Work at Educational Institutions,
  • Forming Students’ Readiness for Continuing Education,
  • New Approaches to Historical Education (Multiculturalism),
  • The Study of Historical Figures at History Lessons,
  • The School Course of Jurisprudence,
  • Management in Education,
  • Modern Educational Techniques,
  • Methods of Teaching Science of Law,
  • Fundamentals of the Systemic Approach and Methods of Decision Making,
  • Synergy in Education,
  • Reflexive Management of a Comprehensive School,
  • Innovative Technologies in Education.