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Viktoriia M. Lipych

Pro-Rector (Scientific Research and Educational Work)

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor

Почесна грамота Міністерства освіти і науки України (2004 р.)
Грамота управління освіти і науки Запорізької обласної державної адміністрації (2005 р.)
Badges of Honour ‘Distinguised Educator of Ukraine’ (2011)
Грамота ректора БДПУ (2013 р.)
Подяка мера (2014 р.)
Badges of Honour For Scientific and Educational Achievements’ (2015)
Грамота Верховної Ради України (Нак. № 797-к від 27 листопада 2017 р.)


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Viktoriia M. Lipych was born on August 25, 1968 in the village of Mykolaivtsi, Zaporizhzhia region. In 1990, she graduated from the Faculty of Philology of Zaporizhzhya State University (today − Zaporizhzhya National University) with a degree in Philology (in the specialty ‘Philologist.  A Teacher of the Ukrainian Language and Literature’. Since 1990 she worked as a teacher of the Ukrainian language and literature at school and since 1993 − as an assistant lecturer, a senior lecturer and an associate professor  of the Ukrainian Language Department at Berdiansk State Teachers’ Training Institute (later − University).

In 2000 – 2003, Viktoriia Lipych studied at the postgraduate school at Zaporizhzhya State University. In 2005, she successfully defended her PhD thesis The Dynamic Character of Complex Suffixal Derivation of Nouns in the Ukrainian Language of the 11th – 18th centuries to obtain her PhD in Philology in the specialty 10.01.02 – The Ukrainian Language (thesis adviser – Petro I. Belousenko, DSc in Philology, Professor).

In 2007 – 2009 Viktoriia Lipych headed the Ukrainian Language Department. Since September 2009 she was Deputy Director of the Institute of Philology and Social Communications of BSPU for Educational and Methodological Work. Since 2010 − Research Affairs Record Manager of the Scientific Department of BSPU. Since December 2016 she has been working as a Vice-Rector for Scientific Research and Educational Work.

Viktoriia Lipych is actively involved in scientific work, takes part in international and national conferences, is the author of an individual monograph Essays on the History of the Ukrainian Word Formation (Composite-suffixal Derivation of Nouns in the Ukrainian Language of the 11th − 18th Centuries), a co-author of the collective monograph Essays on the History of the Ukrainian Word Formation (Composite-suffixal Derivation of Nouns), a textbook approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for philology students at higher educational institutions The Modern Ukrainian Literary Language. Syntax. The area of her scientific research is historical word formation. Viktoriia Lipych has been working on her doctoral thesis dedicated to the problem of formation and development of the subsystem of locative names in the modern Ukrainian language. She is a member of the jury of a regional stage of Petro Yatsyk Ukrainian Language International Competition and of a regional stage of the competition-defence of scientific works of high school students who are members of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

For many years of her conscientious work, significant personal contribution to the training of highly skilled specialists and fruitful scientific and pedagogical activity Viktoriia Lipych was awarded the Certificates of Merit of BSPU Rector, Berdiansk mayor, the Department of Education and Science of Zaporizhzhya oblast state administration and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2008); as well as the Badges of Honour ‘Distinguised Educator of Ukraine’ (2011) and ‘For Scientific and Educational Achievements’ (2015).