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Sporting activity

Physical culture and sport occupy an important place in the system of education and rehabilitation of youth at the University. The Faculty of Physical Education headed by Professor Serhii Kushniriuk, Master of Sports, Honoured Worker of Physical Culture and Sport of Ukraine and Olympic Champion, organizes this work. Physical education classes are held by highly skilled specialists, among which there are master of sports candidates, masters of sports of Ukraine and Honoured coaches of Ukraine. Every year athletic games in 13 sports take place, tourist trips for freshers are organized, the Day of Health and the Day of Olympic Sports are celebrated as important events, etc. 12 sports groups function on the University premises.

Berdiansk State Pedagogical University enjoys a good national and international reputation for its achievements in wushu, kickboxing, powerlifting, basketball, volleyball, etc. Under the guidance of Associate Professor Leonid Kotendzhi, the Honoured Coach of Ukraine, a powerlifting school has been developing. It is well-known known not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders. Its sportspersons are multiple winners and prize winners of international and national competitions.

Among the students and graduates of the University there are more than 15 masters of sports of Ukraine, 10 masters of sports of international level, Oleksandr Komarov, the Paralympic Games swimming champion, members of the national teams of Ukraine who take part in the championships of Ukraine and the world, World and European Cups, Olympic and Paralympic Games, gain prize-winning places and set world and Ukrainian records.